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Uplift Logistics presents a comprehensive solution for managing air charter, ground  transport and accommodation services. Catering to both travel coordinators and providers, our platform enables efficient bookings, streamlined operations, and enhanced visibility.


Whether you’re coordinating travel for remote workers and teams or offering air charter and accommodation services, Uplift Logistics is designed with you in mind and is ready to suit your needs.

FIFO Sectors

Uplift simplifies the intricate travel and accommodation logistics for FIFO workers in the resources and industrial sectors. By automating the booking processes for both transportation and site accommodation, and providing real-time visibility of services, we assist companies in increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring seamless coordination. Whether it’s managing complex schedules for remote workers or the precise coordination of equipment and transport, Uplift offers a streamlined solution tailored to the unique demands of the industry.

✓ Streamlines complex travel and site accommodation logistics for FIFO workers
✓ Enhances efficiency and reduces costs through automation
✓ Provides real-time visibility for seamless coordination
✓ Offers tailored solutions for unique industry demands

Sporting / Special Events

For sports teams, travel and logistics are a vital component of the game plan. Uplift, integrated directly with airline suppliers, provides tailored solutions that streamline the management of transportation, accommodation, and scheduling. Our specialised platform is designed to cater to the unique needs of athletes, staff, and equipment, ensuring they arrive on time and in prime condition, whether it’s for a local game or an international tournament. With Uplift, travel logistics become a seamless part of the winning strategy.


✓ Integrated travel management for athletes, staff, and equipment
✓ Tailors travel logistics to support winning strategies
✓ Ensures timely arrival for local games and international tournaments
✓ Streamlines scheduling and coordination through specialised platform


Medical In the medical field, efficient travel coordination is essential to make healthcare accessible in regional areas. Uplift offers tailored, reliable solutions that meet the specific demands of medical professionals, patients, and the transportation of medical equipment. From facilitating medical conferences to arranging regular community health clinics, Uplift ensures dependability and precision vital to the healthcare industry.


✓ Enables accessible healthcare in regional areas through efficient coordination
✓ Offers reliable solutions for medical professionals, patients, and equipment
✓ Facilitates conferences and community health clinics with dependability
✓ Ensures precision and dependability vital to the healthcare industry


Government sectors often face challenges in coordinating travel logistics due to the lack of visibility across different departments. Uplift’s platform streamlines this process by offering transparency and real-time insights into travel schedules and arrangements. If one sector has already organised a flight from the same location to the same destination, others can easily view this information, thus avoiding duplication and unnecessary expenses. This consolidation not only promotes efficiency but also fosters collaboration among various governmental bodies, ensuring that resources are utilised optimally and travel is coordinated effectively across all departments.


✓ Saves resources through coordinated bookings across sectors
✓ Avoids redundancy with unified scheduling and travel plans
✓ Enhances coordination with live updates and seamless efficiency
✓ Prevents overlapping charters through real-time visibility of resources
✓ Ensures security and compliance with a robust platform for sensitive needs
✓ Promotes consolidation and community transparency in public sector travel

Travel Managers & Brokers

Uplift’s platform is designed to empower both travel agencies like Flight Centre and internal travel managers who aren’t part of agencies. By providing an all-in-one solution for booking, coordination, and real-time monitoring, it allows for effortless management of group bookings, special requests, and compliance with travel regulations. Whether for an agency or an independent travel manager, Uplift streamlines the process, creating a seamless and efficient travel experience for all involved.


✓ Simplify and automate booking processes
✓ Real-time management of travel arrangements
✓ Customisable options to match company policies
✓ Efficient handling of group bookings and freight
✓ Comprehensive reporting and control over data

Uplift Logistics Features

For Travel Administrators

Uplift Logistics enhances the travel coordination experience by seamlessly integrating essential features. Our platform effortlessly handles group bookings, tailored policies, and insightful reporting. Experience a solution where automation meets bespoke travel management needs.

24/7 Booking Accessibility

Book individual or group reservations at any time, from any internet-enabled device.

Real-time Itinerary Management

Live tracking, changes, cancellations, and special requests made simple.

End-to-end Automation

Comprehensive management for regular remote working travel needs.

Real-time Notifications

Automated SMS/Email notifications for bookings and travel updates.
Uplift Logistics Features

For FIFO Travellers

Uplift App

Book instantly, access live itinerary, receive e-Boarding pass, and more.

Google Map Directions from Itinerary

Navigate easily to your destination.

Special Requests Handling

Personalise travel with options for special meals and services.

Live Change/Cancellation Updates

Real-time updates to itinerary, with effortless change and cancellation capabilities.

Uplift Logistics Features

For Air Charter Operators and Service Providers

Customise Services

Flexible options for air charter operators, including client facing booking engines, passenger service systems, check in and departure control systems, including payload management.

Streamlined Procedures

Your clients may have partitioned access to your published flights or they may actually be using the same platform through our travel suite of services. Remove redundant email processes, enhance communication, and simplify booking coordination.

Real-time Visibility to Customers

Offer live (partioned) access to services and transparent tracking.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Including electronic boarding passes, gate checks, built-in notifications, and more.

Integration Capabilities

In the world of travel coordination, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Integrations are all about bringing together different systems and software to enhance your experience with Uplift Logistics.  By seamlessly connecting Uplift to your existing tools, you can automate tasks, improve data accuracy, and create a streamlined workflow that suits your specific needs.

Security Measures

Integrate Uplift Logistics with other systems and tools to ensure seamless operations and data sharing. Our platform is designed to connect with your strategic partners and enterprise solutions, offering a tailored and adaptable system.