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Features & Benefits

For FIFO Travel

At Uplift Logistics, we’ve revolutionised the booking process for regular remote working travel requirements. Our innovative platform automates the entire process, giving booking agents and business travel coordinators and company administrators a streamlined way to handle travel arrangements. From real-time updates to live itineraries, we make it easy for you to manage and coordinate all travel necessities.


Automated Travel Management

Fully Automated

Complete automation of all remote travel needs, eliminating manual Excel manifest processes.

Unified System

Companies and their suppliers operate on a single live system, ensuring real-time updates.

Live Data

Say goodbye to Excel manifests, calls, and emails. Rely solely on live, accurate data.

Comprehensive Reporting & Control

Live Tracking

Monitor and manage real-time transport and accommodation.

Detailed Reports

Easily track traveller movements and access in-depth reports on travellers and suppliers.

Special Requests

Handle special meal and service requests with ease.

Approval & Policies

Built-in approval system with the capability to manage company travel policies.


Uplift Travel App

Inventory Management

Control and prioritise seating according to workforce seniority and have the option to charge airfares for some or all travellers.

Instant Booking

Book services any time, 24/7

Service Requests

Manage special meal & service needs effortlessly.


Utilise online pre-seating for air charter services.

Real-time Itinerary

Access a live itinerary complete with
e-Boarding pass and Google map directions.

Instant Notifications

Stay updated with live change and cancellation alerts.


Company Administrator Tools

Full-Time Access

Available 24/7 for all your booking and management needs.

Built-in Tools

From approvals to SMS/Email notifications, everything's integrated.

Extensive Reports

Comprehensive reporting tools at your disposal.

Streamlined Operations

Manage certifications, connectivity, group bookings and more.

Configure & Integrate

Seamless Integration

Perfectly integrates with your supplier network and programs.

High Customisability

Tailored to fit unique operational requirements.

Easy Setup

Get started effortlessly on any device with internet connectivity.

The Uplift Advantage

Enhanced Accuracy

Understand traveller movement in real time.

Improved Asset Utilisation

Optimal coordination for resource usage.

Customised Solutions

Tailor the platform to your specific needs.

Streamlined Communication

Enhanced data sharing with strategic partners.

Constant Availability

Book instantly 24/7 on any internet-enabled device.

Increased Flexibility

Simplify change and cancellation capability.

Discover the Future of FIFO Travel Management

Ready to simplify and enhance your regular remote working travel management?
Dive into the Uplift experience and unlock unparalleled efficiency, utilisation, accuracy, and productivity in your travel arrangements.

Let’s transform how you manage travel – one seamless booking at a time.